Creative Learning

Learn Something New

We have several workshops throughout the year on a wide range of topics. We are happy to arrange any kind of workshops you and your friends would be interested in. We love cooking all kinds of food and enjoy teaching those that want to learn, use the contact page to ask us about a workshop you would be interested in organising or coming along to with a group of your friends. If you have skills in a given area and would like somewhere to show your skills and allow others to learn at the same time, talk to us we will be happy to help coordinate and raise awareness of the workshop you would like to run. For people travelling from further away we have accommodation available to suit all.

Tiny House Build
Natural Building

We have had workshops for building various things including our own Tiny Eco House which involved all kinds of ecological friendly methods of building with straw and local clay, lime plaster, even woodwork for the roof and frame.

We built a rocket stove mass heater for the bar and restaurant that uses very little fuel and warms all the seating area from underneath the seating, in fact it keeps the whole room.

Learning Or Teaching

Enjoy Creating

We make our own jams, chutney and preserves, cordials, juices and drinks. We even make soaps and balms! If you would like to collaborate on a workshop we can share our skills, and get a group of like minded people, those that have never tried to those that want to make different things. We sell some of our products to our visitors and guests.

Contact us and ask about availability for any of our accommodation. We are taking bookings throughout the year, book early to make sure we can fit you in!