Enjoy Your Stay

To fully enjoy being in nature, we offer a romantic caravan with a double bed, bunk bed, small kitchen with fridge. A terrace with lovely views on the surrounding nature and only a short walk to the bar and restaurant.

The Comfortable Caravan

A Cosy Home From Home

Solar Showers

Our caravan has a small terrace on the side surrounded by flowers and greenery. The caravan has its own private composting toilet, so you do not have to share the bathroom with other guests if you do not want to. We recently built two outdoor showers just opposite the caravan so you will have your private shower as well, with warm water heated by the sun!

Close To Nature

Making the most of your holiday time is very important, you have worked hard to be able to enjoy a break. Our caravan offers everything you need for your time away from home. Being close to nature and breathing fresh air while you gently sleep. Waking up to the sounds of nature and relaxing on the shaded deck, enjoy the wonderful views of the valley and beyond.

Ask Us A Question

Contact us and ask about availability for any of our accommodation. We are taking bookings throughout the year, book early to make sure we can fit you in!